Melcher Oosterman (1998) is a freelance illustrator from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His work mainly consists of tragic and humorous characters who inhabit busy worlds full of details and bright colours. Ever channeling his fascination for the awkward and absurd, Melcher likes to tell stories and celebrate the imagination. He navigates between editorial and commercial work whilst always having a few personal projects in the making like a zine or series of sculptures. His work can be found on beer bottles, posters and news outlets. Melcher graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy with a BA in Illustration in 2021.

Clients include: Vice, De Correspondent, Illustratie Biennale,
Groot Handelsgebouw, One World, Vers Beton, Wobby Club,
Ministerie van Volksgezondheid and more.

For commissions, collaborations and other inquiries, feel free to contact me!
+31 (0) 639660076


Exhibtions and art related events
2022: Offline Exhibition (groupshow) - Tinimini Room, Dordrecht
2022: Nostalgia (groupshow) - Hasbrook Galleries, Beverly Hills (US)
2021: Illustratie Biennale (groupshow) - Galerie KUIS-WEG68, Haarlem
2021: Raam Maar window exhibition and zine release - Raam Maar, Rotterdam
2020: Decade, an exhibition by Cult (groupshow) - MONO, Rotterdam
2019: Soloshow - Cinetol, Amsterdam
2019: Shake Bristol - Rough Trade, Bristol (UK)
2018: Soloshow - Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
2017: Art Sale #2 - Margootje Vintage, Rotterdam
2016: Art Sale - Margootje Vintage, Rottedam

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